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My Overall Review of DC Comics "The New 52"

As you may or may not know I reviewed every #1 issue from The New 52". If you did the same then you would know how hard it was to read 52 comics in one month. Not only that I reviewed that all too so I had to read 13 comics in a 3 hour time frame to made the videos on time. So we are 3 issues into the new 52 and now I think it's a good time to fill you in on the GOOD, BAD AND UGLY in DC comic's new line of titles. Now some of you may agree or disagree with this but these are my views on the new 52 as a whole. I made a Pic to show the Must Buys (titles I have on my pull list), The good (Comic I still read but are not on my pull list) and The BAD (Comics I hated and are not reading).

Comment What you're still reading in the new 52 from DC Comics below