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A Peek at the next Green Lantern Episode "The Fall of Sinestro"

    It has been almost half a year since the last episode of The Green Lantern (THE GREEN LANTERN EPISODE 5). I hope everyone didn't think I just stopped making these. With the first season ending with these last couple of episodes, I going to treat you all with some stills from what I've been working on.

   I'm not going to lie here the amount of re-writes these final episodes were more then 9 times atleast. It's safe to say however the pre-production is over and now it's on to getting these videoes out for you all to see.

     So What is fact are you all going to see? Well the title should give it away "The Fall of Sinestro". Like the series so far, I'm blending parts from the comics, movies and cartoon and adding my own take to one of the things I hold dear in my life The Green Lantern. The first 4 episodes were all and all a somewhat origin story of Hal Jordan becoming the hero we know as Green Lantern. Episode 5 was to show a little bit of what happend after, a so called calm before the storm before the final act of the first series.

   Sinestro's fall has been done many times and in many ways from the cartoon movie GREEN LANTERN: FIRST FLIGHT and a couple of ways in the comics from DC Comics in Emerald Dawn 2 and so one. I wanted my Fall of Sinestro to stay true to the main focus of those stories ,but in a new light mixed with the style of GL from my Web Series. I put a lot of time into not only writting this chapter in the GL Saga ,but also setting up a Season 2? I won't go into detail at this time, but I can say very soon the wait will be over and hopefully you all will get a kick out of it.

  I'll end this post by saying thank you to the 100's of you guys bugging me to make more episodes of the thing that that I was once known for. KorimTV as a whole has changed a lot since I aired Episode 1 of The Green Lantern back in May 11, 2011. I started a Huge website in BKBN.NET with a couple of my friends and even started this site own my own too. I have not just a weekly Comic Review show "COMIC NATION", but also a Movie Review show "AT THE MOVIES", A weekly podcast with Comic Nation Live and a bunch of Comic Parodies. I one busy guy online I guess. :)

     However even with all that I'm love of making this series is still there and with the new software I have only the sky is the limit for this little fan made webseries. I just may take longer between episodes. So as I work on these couple of episodes to finsh up this season I will post updates like this, do vlogs about it and I going to do some commentary on the episodes too from the series start to finish. So check in weekly on The Green Lantern series updates and be sure to watch the other stuff I'm pumping out for you guys.