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 Ok so March is here... WooHoo?

ASK CARNAGE episode 1 is coming out this month and boy it's crazy. I mean it. This series maybe the most F'd up writing I have ever done. I have to thank the people who "Asked" there questions to me.. I mean Carnage. :)

AT THE MOVIES Episode planned til May 2013 mostly soon I guess I'll tell you the flicks coming up soon.
That may change but for now that's whats planned plus the movies I see coming out.

COMIC NATION is still going strong. I was shocked that people really liked the Lightning Round that I added in Episode 62. On top of that for the podcast COMIC NATION LIVE we finally got to are 50th Episode and man what a fun show that was. If you missed it hear it here. Lastly News on Comic Nation kind of is for a couple of weeks I've been doing some one-shot comic reviews on the YouTube channel DarkAvengerInc. If you haven't already check them out. If you want to see a bunch of reviews go there.

BKBN.NET News....... The BKBN Podcast Network turned one year old this month. I'm proud to be apart of this great podcast network and I hope you guys out there are enjoying it. Also BKBN news wise we added a new thing on there called "GROUPS" so check that out.

KorimTV's 2nd Channel (markkorim) hit 300 subs. That's pretty cool seeing how YouTube is now. It's not 3500 like KorimTV but its still pretty cool. On markkorim I'll be putting up more stuff too.

I'm working on some funny skits too for the people who like those video and I may start "vlogging" again

SO THAT'S IT! I'll try to do more of these blog post/News/Updates to keep you guys and gals in the loop. Tell them I see you all later