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Ask Carnage Season 2 Teaser Trailer

Ask Carnage Season 2 Teaser Trailer

      Season 2 will push myself and everyone else involved to that line not many would cross. If you haven't seen Ask Carnage Season one well you are lucky it's still online (click here to watch all 6 episodes), The goal in mind when I started this short Q&A animated series was to do something new and never done before.I wanted to take a villain like Carnage and ask the question "If he really had a internet show where he answered questions from viewers how would that turn out. Well he would give crappy advise or just kill something randomly. That idea was the start of the series. However with every new question asked the darker the answer would become. If you know anything about Carnage then you know why some of the answers would go a little dark. Adding cameos of other marvel villains and heroes grew the idea of the show only lasting one season with a big payoff final episode where Carnage is stopped and the series would end. Well of course stepping away from the series for Horrorrama (Event in October for the other show on KorimTV At The Movies) I got a big idea. Keeping Carnage in one room or a set felt to safe. What if he went on the road. You wouldn't know where he would go or what he would do. Which lead to me making season 2 for this series. I wrote some stuff already for the first episode and it pushes to WTF level and that's before I even have to questions for the episode. This season will be darker, more creepy and I will get a lot MORE emails from mad parents then last season, but that's the point. No other show can do this and get away with it. I hope everyone will be ready when episode 1 airs this year. If you think you are... you won't be.Trust me.

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